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Looking for Directors for 2021/22 Seasons!
Hi Baseball Families! We are looking ahead to the next season...
SJSA COVID Guidelines for: Foothills Parks and Rec Fields, Jefferson...
South Jeffco Baseball Volunteers
Baseball Volunteers Baseball Director -  Herald Woolsey  Minor...
Looking for Directors for 2021/22 Seasons!

Hi Baseball Families!

We are looking ahead to the next season for 2021 Fall Baseball and 2022 Spring Baseball.  We are looking for new Volunteer Directors for both Fall and Spring!!  Both current Directors are willing to help with the transition to new leadership, as well as the support of the SJSA office staff and executive board.

If you are interested, please contact the office at 303-979-9239 or email us at  with any questions or interest.

by posted 04/16/2021

SJSA COVID Guidelines for:

Foothills Parks and Rec Fields, Jefferson County Public Schools, Marker Park Fields


  • Please note that SJSA must follow the ordinances set forth by our field providers who receive their orders from Jefferson County Public Health and Colorado Public Health Department. These are NOT orders created by SJSA, Foothills or Jefferson County Public Schools, but we are required to follow them to be able to host any youth sports in our community and to maintain good-standings with our field providers.




Athlete/Participant Limit: No more 50 athletes/participants per playing surface or field. This number includes sidelines and dugouts. This number does not include coaches, referees/umpires or spectators.


Spectators: Outdoor sporting events (practices and games), there is no limit to the number of spectators at a facility as long as 6 feet can be maintained between households.  The preference is that spectators not be allowed at practices to limit the possibility of exposure. A coach and/or director may choose to not allow parents to remain at the fields for practices. If there are more than 2 fields at a facility, please attempt to keep 50 feet between spectator areas at these fields.  Spectators should be wearing masks at all times while at the field.


Umpires: Please wear a mask when within 6 feet of any participant on the field.  If you need to remove your mask for any reason, please distance yourself a minimum of 6 feet from your nearest participant before removing the mask.  Eliminate plate meeting, if possible, or limit it to one coach per team. Coaches, not umpires, are responsible for cleaning shared equipment.  It is recommended that umpires carry their own hand sanitizer and use it after contacting any equipment touched by other participants.  Equipment inspections should be done by having coaches lay out equipment on the ground for a visual inspection.


Contact Tracing: Please maintain an attendance log of every player at practices and games in case we were to be contacted by JCPH needing information for exposure.


Masks: Now optional, no longer required, but still highly recommended for high risk activities. People are asked to assess their own risk and comfort level with mask wearing.


Potential Exposure: If a player, coach, referee/umpire or any household member of a player, coach referee/umpire had contact within the previous 48 hours with a person who tests positive for COVID-19, they are considered to have had possible exposure and following CDC’s and Colorado Public Health guidelines (https://covid19.colorado.gov/how-to-quarantine), that person and anyone attending an event from their household, must quarantine for 10 days from the date of potential exposure.  Anyone with potential exposure will need to quarantine.  If a person was not around the team since possible exposure, then the team does not need to quarantine.  If the person was around the team after possible exposure, then all remaining members of the team and coachings staff must be quarantined for 10 days or have a negative COVID test after day 5 of quarantine, they can return after 7 days as long as there are no symptoms present.


Positive COVID-19 Test Results(and/or symptoms): If a player, coach, referee/umpire or anyone at the event test positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms (fever 100.3 or higher, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell, chills or body aches, sore throat or shortness of breath) within 48 hours of the last contact with the team, then the entire team and staff must be quarantined for 10 days and please notify the director.  Individuals who have symptoms and/or positive COVID-19 tests must isolate (https://covid19.colorado.gov/how-to-isolate) themselves for a minimum of 10 days and cannot return to a team event until they have been without a fever for at least 24 hours and all other symptoms have improved.  If there were no symptoms present, the person must still isolate for 10 days and may return to events on the 11th day.

Vaccinated Individuals: By CPHD standards, if an individual has received 2 doses of the vaccine and 14 days have passed since the last vaccine, they no longer need to quarantine if exposed.

by posted 03/09/2021
South Jeffco Baseball Volunteers

Baseball Volunteers

  • Baseball Director -  
  • Minor Baseball Director 4-8 -
  • Fall Baseball Director -
  • Cages Director - Jamie Morrell
  • AYL Delegates - Joe Charette, Herald Woolsey and Chad Schrock

by posted 09/25/2015
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South Jeffco Sports Office


Can vary at holidays, call for details.

Mondays 9AM-5PM

Wednesdays 9AM-5PM

Fridays 9AM-4PM

Closed Tuesdays, Thursdays and Weekends

You can also email us anytime at office@southjeff.org

6657 W Ottawa Ave
Suite D1
Littleton CO 80128


Field Status
OPEN (4/18) 
Arvada West High - Arvada OPEN (4/18) 
Aurora Sports Park - Aurora OPEN (4/18) 
AYL Locations - Centennial OPEN (4/18) 
Bear Creek High School - Lakewood OPEN (4/18) 
Beech Park - Lakewood OPEN (4/18) 
Blue Heron Elementary - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Bradford North (Inter) - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Bradford South (Primary) - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Brent Mayne Fiel - Englewood OPEN (4/18) 
Brett Mayne (Eas - Englewood OPEN (4/18) 
Brett Mayne (Wes - Englewood OPEN (4/18) 
Challenger Regional Park - Parker OPEN (4/18) 
Chatfield Senior High - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Cinco de Mayo - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Clem N/E Picnic Shel - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Clement #1 - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Clement #2 - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Clement #3 - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Clement #4 - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Clement #5 (old 13) - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Clement #6 (old 12) - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Clement Park - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Colorow Elementary - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Columbine Hills Elem #1 - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Columbine Hills Elem #2 - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Columbine HS - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Community Park East - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Coronado Elementary - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Dakota Ridge High School - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Dakota Ridge Hitting - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Dante - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Deer Creek - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Denver Christian - Lakewood OPEN (4/18) 
Denver Metro - Denver OPEN (4/18) 
D'Evelyn - Denver OPEN (4/18) 
Diamond Club - Wheat Ridge OPEN (4/18) 
DR Hitting Facility - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Dupont #1 - Louviers OPEN (4/18) 
Dutch Creek Elementary - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Easton North - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Evergreen High - Evergreen OPEN (4/18) 
Everitt Middle School - Wheat Ridge OPEN (4/18) 
Fairview High - Boulder OPEN (4/18) 
Falcon Bluffs MS - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Foothills Indoor Sports - Denver OPEN (4/18) 
FRCS Auditorium - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
FRCS Batting Cages - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Golden High - Golden OPEN (4/18) 
Gov Ranch Elem - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Grant Ranch Field - Denver OPEN (4/18) 
Hit by Hit - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Holy Grounds - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Hyland Hills - Westminster OPEN (4/18) 
K&E 2 & 3 Past Outfield - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
K&E Batting Cage #1 - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
K&E Batting Cage #2 - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
K&E Batting Cage #3 - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
K&E Batting Cage #4 - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
KE 1 - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
KE 2 - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
KE 3 - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
KE 4 - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
KE 5 - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Ken Caryl MS North - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Ken Caryl MS South - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Lakewood High - Lakewood OPEN (4/18) 
Lakewood Park - Lakewood OPEN (4/18) 
Leawood Elementary - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Leawood Park - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Linderer - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Long Lake Ranch #1 - Arvada OPEN (4/18) 
Lutz Sports Complex - Arvada OPEN (4/18) 
Marker Park - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Michael & Cora Betts Tou - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Monarch High - Louisville OPEN (4/18) 
Mortensen Elementary - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Mosley - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
MSK Batting Cage - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Normandy Elem East - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Normandy Elem West - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Parisi Speed - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Peak North - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Peak South - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Pomona High - Arvada OPEN (4/18) 
PrimeTime Hitting - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Rocky Mtn USSSA/ UNDER A - Lakewood OPEN (4/18) 
Schaefer Athletic 1 - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Shaffer Elementary - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Shaw - Littleton TBD (4/18) 
Sheridan Rec Center - Denver OPEN (4/18) 
Slammers - Lakewood OPEN (4/18) 
South Jeffco Sports - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Splash Water Park - Golden OPEN (4/18) 
Sports Authority - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Spring Blast Tourney - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Stony Creek Elementary - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Summit Ridge MS - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
TBD - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
The Barn - Greenwood Village OPEN (4/18) 
The Batter's Box - Englewood OPEN (4/18) 
Ute Meadows Elem - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Wayside Park - Littleton OPEN (4/18) 
Woodmar Park - Littleton OPEN (4/18)