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AYL Update for 2020 Season
Spring Sports Update
SJ / AYL Important Dates
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AYL Update for 2020 Season



The AYL Baseball Board wanted to update all of our baseball families regarding our current planning towards have a 2020 baseball season!  The AYL Baseball Board is the umbrella organization responsible for scheduling games, defining rules and managing umpires. The AYL Baseball Board is made up of representatives from each of our 9 Member Clubs: Bear Creek, CCYS, Eagles, Hawks, Raptors, So Jeff, Spartans, Thunder, and Warriors.  While there is a VP for administrative leadership of the AYL Baseball board, it is each Member Club that has the obligation to make decisions collectively for the benefit of all of our participants. Thus the best contact for you to receive current information of importance to you and your child regarding AYL Baseball is to keep in contact with your Club’s volunteer Baseball Director.

Now for a current status that we know that you are al looking for!  The AYL Baseball Board is actively looking at ways to be able to offer a baseball season for 2020.  We believe it is very important to offer all of our players some baseball as soon as possible to help alleviate all of the stress currently being caused to them through no fault of their own!   Many things are being considered but most importantly we are following both the State of Colorado “stay at home” order and the CHSAA guidelines as to when HS Spring sports will open. As you know the State of Colorado order is in effect through 4/11/2020 while the current statement from CHSAA indicates restarting HS Spring Sports as of 4/18/2020.  With that in mind the AYL Baseball Board is deep in planning for restarting our season for AAA/M and 14’s on Monday, 4/20/2020 and starting our AA season on Sat, 4/18/2020. Now, this is easy to state but a tremendous amount of work needs to be accomplished with our field providers to make sure we have fields to play this season’s games on. The Board is also looking to recommend a reduction in practice days to make more fields available for games, and/or the possibility of playing games on alternative days.    These are just some examples of the thought process being undertaken by all of the volunteer Board members in the attempt to save a full season for our baseball players. The Board is actively working these and many other options over the next two weeks and will be providing more information as the potential start date of 4/18/2020 comes better into focus.

For now please contact your specific Club’s Baseball Director with any questions you may have.


Mike Lupton

AYL Baseball VP

by posted 03/27/2020
Spring Sports Update


Beginning immediately our physical office is closed but we will continue working remotely on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until further notice.  Please feel free to leave a message at 303-979-9239, email us at  , or check back here for updated information as we have it. Thank you and stay healthy!


March 23, 2020


SJSA Families -

     For more than 50 years the South Jeffco Sports Association (SJSA) has brought our community together through youth sports. We know it has been a trying time and our hearts go out to everyone affected by the Coronavirus, Covid-19, Pandemic. As the Covid-19 issue remains ever changing, the health and well-being of our families has remained our top priority. 


When will you start the season (Baseball, Minors, Softball, Boys Lacrosse and Girls Lacrosse)? 

We are currently following all state and local guidelines including Jeffco Schools and CHSAA, which has delayed their seasons until April 18th, 2020. We cannot predict what is going to happen in the coming weeks and we think it is irresponsible to attempt to predict what will happen. We can assure you this - it is our intention to have a season….we just don’t know when we will be given the all clear to begin. 

Why not just cancel?

There are several reasons not to cancel:

  • We believe that when this situation ends it will be critical for our kids, coaches and parents, but especially the kids, to return to some form of normalcy. This Covid-19 pandemic has been and continues to be traumatic for some.  We are a strong community that thrives on outdoor time and sports and we will need this season together to heal and recover as a community.
  • Keeping the seasons will help our local small businesses, sports clubs and officials. End-of-season parties (at local establishments), part-time officials, and youth sports organizations are a critical part of a strong community. Now is the time to stand together and make sure we stay strong! 
  • Cancelling puts all non-profit youth sports organizations at risk of not being able to offer all of the services we have had in the past and in some cases, shutting the doors of youth sports organizations permanently. 

 Can I get a refund?

At this time, NO clubs in the AYL (Arapahoe Youth League, governing league to some SJSA sports) and NO sports within SJSA will be offering refunds. There are a couple reasons for this.

  1. We have already spent most of your registration fees on non-recoverable expenses including: insurance, field permits, training, sports equipment, uniforms, scheduling, etc. 
  2. Our full intention is that we WILL have a season….it will just start late and may look different than usual. 

What will that season look like?

Every idea is on the table. Through our area leagues and within our individual sports we have a lot of creative, smart people working to ensure we have solutions to every scenario. We cannot know what is going to happen over the next few weeks and thus cannot predict the solution we will use. It will be different for each sport; i.e., condensed season, more double headers, tournament play every weekend, using practice times for games….there are a lot more ideas and we will let you know what we decide as soon as we can. 

We know this is a time where kids and families are anxious or even scared and worried about the future. We understand as we all have families and concerns, too. We want nothing more than to get our kids and families back together and feel “normal” at the fields, gyms or baseball diamonds for some fun, exercise and great competition with the community we love. 

On behalf of the entire SJSA Board of Directors, we want to thank you for putting your trust in us and we appreciate the support for your local community-based, non-profit youth sports organization. We are committed to working through these challenging circumstances together. 

Wishing you all good health - 

The Executive Board and Board of Directors of South Jeffco Sports Association


by posted 03/13/2020
SJ / AYL Important Dates




AYL 2020 Season Schedule

  • AYL Baseball Schedules posted:
    • C-Prep League ~ 2/19/20
    • 9 - 14 Year Old AAA/MAJ Leagues ~ 2/19/20
    • 8 Year Old AAA Leagues ~ 3/18/20
    • 9- 13/14 AA League ~ 3/18/20
  • AYL AA Jamboree Dates ~ 4/4/20 - 4/5/20 (Included for all AA teams)
    • 3 Games Minimum
  • C-Prep League:
    • Season Opener ~ 3/2/20
      • 8 Games min + overschedule module + Single Elimination Playoffs
      • Rosters are Frozen! ~ 4/1/20
    • Season End ~ 5/7/20
    • Playoffs ~ 5/11/20 ~ 5/14/20
    • World Series ~ 5/20/20 (lower) ~ 5/21/20 (upper) ~ TBD
  • AAA/MAJ League (8-13):
    • 9 - 13 AAA/MAJ Season Opener ~ 3/9/20      
      • 10 Games min + overschedule module  + Single Elimination Playoffs
    • 8 AAA Season Opener  ~ 4/6/20
      • 10 Games min + overschdule module + Single Elimination Playoffs
    • AAA/MAJ League Season End ~ 5/29/20
    • AAA/MAJ League Playoffs ~ 6/3/20 – 6/6/20
    • AAA/MAJ League World Series: Both AAA/Majors ~ 6/9/20 ~ 6/10/20
  • AA League (9-13/14):
    • AYL AA "Season Opening" Jamboree ~ 4/3/20 – 4/5/20
    • AYL Regular Season Opener ~ 4/11
    • 10 games min + overschedule module + Double Elimination Playoffs
    • AA Regular Season End ~ 6/7/20
    • AA League Playoffs ~ 6/8/20 – 6/21/20 
    • NOTE: (Games could be played during the week)
    • AA League World Series:  AA ~ 6/23/20 ~ 6/24/20 (6/30/20 ~ 7/1/20 make-up dates)
  • Important Dates:
    • AA/AAA/Majors rosters are Frozen! – 4/30/20

Rockies night – 6/12/2020 – Pittsburg Pirates

by posted 12/04/2018
South Jeffco Baseball Volunteers

2020 Baseball Volunteers

  • Baseball Director - and
    • Baseball Assistant Director - Chad Bickford
  • Minor Baseball Director 4-8 -
    • Minor Assistant Director - 
  • Fall Baseball Director -
    • ​​Fall Baseball Assistant Director - Mike Claiborne
  • Cages Director - Tony Harpstreith
  • AYL Delegates - Joe Charette, Herald Woolsey and Chad Schrock

by posted 09/25/2015
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Arvada West High - Arvada OPEN (4/2) 
Aurora Sports Park - Aurora OPEN (4/2) 
AYL Locations - Centennial OPEN (4/2) 
Bear Creek High School - Lakewood OPEN (4/2) 
Beech Park - Lakewood OPEN (4/2) 
Blue Heron Elementary - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Bradford North (Inter) - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
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Brent Mayne Fiel - Englewood OPEN (4/2) 
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Chatfield Senior High - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
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Columbine HS - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Community Park East - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Coronado Elementary - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Dakota Ridge High School - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Dakota Ridge Hitting - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Dante - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Deer Creek - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Denver Christian - Lakewood OPEN (4/2) 
Denver Metro - Denver OPEN (4/2) 
D'Evelyn - Denver OPEN (4/2) 
Diamond Club - Wheat Ridge OPEN (4/2) 
DR Hitting Facility - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Dupont #1 - Louviers OPEN (4/2) 
Dutch Creek Elementary - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Easton North - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Evergreen High - Evergreen OPEN (4/2) 
Everitt Middle School - Wheat Ridge OPEN (4/2) 
Fairview High - Boulder OPEN (4/2) 
Falcon Bluffs MS - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Foothills Indoor Sports - Denver OPEN (4/2) 
FRCS Auditorium - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
FRCS Batting Cages - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Golden High - Golden OPEN (4/2) 
Gov Ranch Elem - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Grant Ranch Field - Denver OPEN (4/2) 
Hit by Hit - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Holy Grounds - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Hyland Hills - Westminster OPEN (4/2) 
K&E 2 & 3 Past Outfield - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
K&E Batting Cage #1 - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
K&E Batting Cage #2 - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
K&E Batting Cage #3 - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
K&E Batting Cage #4 - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
KE 1 - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
KE 2 - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
KE 3 - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
KE 4 - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
KE 5 - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Ken Caryl MS North - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Ken Caryl MS South - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Lakewood High - Lakewood OPEN (4/2) 
Lakewood Park - Lakewood OPEN (4/2) 
Leawood Elementary - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Leawood Park - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Linderer - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Long Lake Ranch #1 - Arvada OPEN (4/2) 
Lutz Sports Complex - Arvada OPEN (4/2) 
Marker Park - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Michael & Cora Betts Tou - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Monarch High - Louisville OPEN (4/2) 
Mortensen Elementary - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Mosley - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
MSK Batting Cage - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Normandy Elem East - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Normandy Elem West - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Parisi Speed - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Peak North - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Peak South - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Pomona High - Arvada OPEN (4/2) 
PrimeTime Hitting - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Rocky Mtn USSSA/ UNDER A - Lakewood OPEN (4/2) 
Schaefer Athletic 1 - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Shaffer Elementary - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Shaw - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Sheridan Rec Center - Denver OPEN (4/2) 
Slammers - Lakewood OPEN (4/2) 
South Jeffco Sports - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Splash Water Park - Golden OPEN (4/2) 
Sports Authority - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Spring Blast Tourney - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Stony Creek Elementary - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Summit Ridge MS - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
TBD - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
The Barn - Greenwood Village OPEN (4/2) 
The Batter's Box - Englewood OPEN (4/2) 
Ute Meadows Elem - Littleton OPEN (4/2) 
Wayside Park - Littleton TBD (4/2) 
Woodmar Park - Littleton TBD (4/2)