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9 Year Old Information
The South Jeffco Baseball Directors would like to welcome you to the baseball program and give you some information on what will happen next year at the 9 year old level. The Baseball program consists of players from the ages of 8(Majors) through 14 years old. The program serves approximately 500 players per season.

All the South Jeffco teams from ages 9-14, and 8 year old 0 (Majors) league teams play in the Jefferson County Baseball League. The league is made up of 16 high school areas. The league is divided into 4 levels (Zero, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd league) at each age. 0 league teams contain players of the highest skill level, while Level 3 is designed for the new or inexperienced player. By placing teams in 4 separate divisions, players will be competing against teams and players of the same skill level. The league rules are that Leve 1-3 teams must be formed from players within their high school area. South Jeffco includes the Chatfield, Columbine and Front Range Christian high school areas. Home address and what school a player attends are the criteria that are used to determine what a player's home area will be. If a player lives in one area and goes to school in another, he may choose which of the two areas in which he wants to play when he registers.

The Chatfield and Columbine and areas will hold tryouts for their 9 year old players. Front Range does not hold tryouts for their teams. The player's skill level will be evaluated by a group of evaluators for each area. The evaluators are long time South Jeffco coaches, and in some cases, the high school coaches. The players will go through a series of drills for throwing, hitting, running, pitching and catching. The evaluators will rate each player's skills and place them on teams with players of the same skill level. Teams will be placed in the division at the level of the team abilities. Coaches will go through an interview process prior to the draft and will be selected after the teams are formed. This way the coach will coach a team at the level of his child's ability, not the player playing at the level his parent, the coach, wants to coach.

Tryouts for levels 0 and 1 for both the Columbine and Chatfield areas will be held on October 24, 2010 for the 2011 Spring Baseball Season. Any player not selected in this tryout will be required to attend the February tryout for team selection and placement. Additional tryouts for all other teams will be held in February of 2011.

For additional information on the 9 Year Old program, please link to the 9 Year Old Information
When is registration?

Tryouts are in October,  time and locations TBD.
When is registration?

Registration for the begins in September and runs through October.
Will the level at which my child plays affect his opportunity to play in high school?

No. High school baseball is 6 years away and there are too many variables that will change over that time period. The goal here is for the kids to learn the game of baseball and have fun. The kids will have fun no matter what level they play.
How long is the season?

Practices begin March 1. The league season begins April 1 and may run well into July, depending on what level the team plays. Please keep this in mind when planning vacations. It is important that all the players be committed to their team so teams don't forfeit games. State tournaments are held from the last weekend in June through the middle of July, with Nationals following that. Moving into the Baseball program requires a larger commitment. See Baseball Calendar in the Baseball section on the web site
When are the games and how many will we play?

League games are played any day of the week. Half of your games will be home games and the other half away games. Teams play 18 league games. Most teams will play in some tournaments. The number of tournaments teams play in is up to the team.
Can our Midget team stay together?

No, all players must try out and teams will be formed by skill level.
What happens after 9 years old?

Teams have the opportunity to stay together all the way through 14 years old as long as they have 6 returning players. Tryouts and a draft are held each year for each age group from 10 - 14. Coaches may protect 8 players each year. The non protected players will go to tryouts. This is done to allow for player movement. You may choose to enter the draft if you wish to switch teams for any reason or want to try to make a higher level team.
What are my responsibilities as a parent?

You as a parent should support your child and the team. Always be positive around the players and team. If you have concerns address them with the coach first at the appropriate time. If you still have concerns contact your Area Director. If your area director cannot solve your problem then contact the Baseball Director. Both directors can be contacted through the South Jeffco office. (303- 979- 9239) You should also assist in your player's skills development. You can do this by enrolling him in clinics, getting professional training and working with them on the skills they are learning at practice.
What will the cost be?

The registration fees are the same for ages 9-14. Teams also have other expenses that vary from team to team. These expenses include uniforms, tournament entry fees, team equipment and indoor practice time. These expenses will vary depending on what the team decides. We look forward to having you as part of the South Jeffco Baseball Program